Charter Members


Rose Marie Joseph: School Board Administrator; Served as coordinator for interagency agreement with Head Start Program; Served as liaison and board member for Louisiana Prevention of Child Abuse; Served as chair for Parents Anonymous Program, a state associated child abuse prevention program; Directed Blue Ribbon Campaign for Iberia Parish, a state program for LCCAP; Served on Policy Council for Head Start, first President of chartered chapter, Contract Parent Trainer; Has received various awards for community/state work 

Annie B. Franks: Effective Educator and leader; Served on many Committees to improve education in Iberia Parish; Active member and president of volunteer ladies at a local hospital; Active member in many auxiliaries in her church group, started many sorority programs during her tenure; Vice president of the charter chapter; Second President. 

Audrey W. Ausberry: Educator; Serves as Supervisor of Instruction for Iberia Parish Schools (4th thru 6th grades), Serves on Mental Health Board, Active member of programs in the church servicing children, such as Bible School, tutoring, cultural programs; Member of local, state and national education program. 

Emily Louis: Educator, Served as Master Teacher for Reading Labs in Iberia Parish; Active in her church with the start of children programs, died before her job was completed. 

JoAnn J. Allen: Educator; Served on many community committees to enhance student achievement in school; active in teen lift especially those that involve reading to children; served as coordinator of talents of youths in the Jabberwock. 

Rosetta Diggs: Served as 4H teacher for schools in the Acadiana Regions; Served as Head Start Director for SMILE Program; Utilized home to provide for culminating activities relative to projects for the sorority 

Eddie C. King: Educator; Served as Director of religious education in the Catholic church, 

Barbara Little: Educator; Served as master teacher in her school; Served as lead teacher in the summer school programs; Served in the tutorial program for students. Work with nonprofit organizations, cub/girl scout, march of dimes, clean city contest & various church organizations; and Youth sport activities. 

Delores Wallace: Educator; Chosen as summer school teacher; Serve as tutor for young students, 

Earline Polk Mouton: Educator; Guidance Counselor, Parent Educator; Contracted counselor for students w/ a nonprofit organization; 

Faye W. Jefferson: Educator; Contracted math tutor for students in the school system 

Gloria P. Bryant: Educator; Served on various committees in the community & church; Utilized home for the sorority to provide for culminating activities relative to projects 

Earline Hills: Educator; President, Chaired Jabberwock; Served in Tutorial program & summer program for Iberia Parish. 

Lillie Rose B. Grisby: Served as recording secretary of the charter chapter; Served in administrative capacity of the Fraternal Order of Eastern Stars, on national, state and local level.